Have us propose a scheme to suit your needs. This usually comprises of a site visit and /or consultation. Once we have prepared schemes we will prepare a detailed estimate of costs and a timescale for completion. We can also provide a fully experienced team of fitters and contractors in all disciplines to carry out the work.

Interior Design Audit
We will assess your present schemes and furnishings in terms of style and potential lifespan. This allows you to plan your future interior needs in an orderly manner. We can identify one or two changes which revitalise an entire scheme. In 1 or 2 hours we can inspect your home and leave you with a blueprint for the future.


Gift Vouchers 

Our gift cards are an ideal gift redeemable for goods and services.

Insurance Quotes 
We will provide you with replacement costs of your home furnishings for insurance valuations and quote for reinstatement after a loss. 

House Staging

A Complimentary Service for Clients

House staging or room rearranging is an inexpensive way of changing the look of a room and making sure it is used to its full potential. A different look can be achieved by switching pieces from one room to another, rehanging artwork or selecting different accessories.

Martin-Hudson & Gibson - Interior Designers

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